USS Miranda (NCC-1800)


U.S.S. Miranda (NCC-1800)
Commissioned in 2274, the Miranda, prototype of her class, recently passed her 98th birthday. In an era where ships are considered old after six or seven years service, this cruiser is nothing less than ancient. This is not to say she’s incapable, as indeed she has seen many rebuilds and refits, but things are harder than they once were. Old E.P.S. conduits share space with newer counterparts. Engines routinely develop leaks or failures. Computer systems randomly crash, error out, or lose data. Stress micro-fractures can be found all along her hull, and far more time is spend on shipyard welding operations than should be. Her weapons systems use torpedo stock from thirty years ago (power requirements for modern systems would blow out the E.P.S. grid). These days, she spends her time as a training vessel, transport, diplomatic escort, and occasional university field-trip destination. Miranda cannot be used as an exploration or patrol ship as she lacks the weapons or sensors needed to protect herself. At this point, the powers that be are trying to make arrangements for placing the Miranda in Starfleet’s museum, but the old girl isn’t ready to retire just yet… Just one more good run.

(Miranda in her current refit build)

Medium Cruiser/Explorer
Complement: 360
Decks: 11
Length: 237.6m
Height: 58m
Width: 142m

USS Miranda (NCC-1800)

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