Antican Rogue


Ragnaar had learned at an early age how to take care of himself. His mother died as a result of complications during childbirth, and his father died in battle during a skirmish against the Selay when he was but a young pup. He grew up learning how to live both off of the wilderness as well as the city streets.
With no home to call his own Ragnaar travelled much of Antica and learned how to adapt quickly to changes in his environment. Through hunting and the frequent violence amongst the less lawful Anticans, Ragnaar came to find that though prowess in direct confrontation was important, what was more valuable was taking advantage of an enemy’s weaknesses.

Ragnaar honed his skills not only in combat, but also in the arts of stealth and concealment. Quickly climbing up in the chain of dominance he soon found himself becoming a valuable tool for those looking for hired muscle. He took jobs as a body guard, an assassin, hit man, thug, trafficker, bounty hunter and many other roles, making somewhat of a name for himself on Antica.

Eventually catching the attention of the Antican military after assassinating one of their higher officers, who had acquired something of an alarming debt with the wrong drug lord, Ragnaar soon found himself on the run. Initially intending to have him captured and punished accordingly, the Antican military found great frustration, but also great respect for how difficult Ragnaar was to track down and capture. It took half a year and many casualties to finally capture him, and when they did they made him a surprising offer. Out of respect and admiration for his strength and skill they offered him a position in an offworld black ops infiltration team. Hearing they were going to the Selay homeworld, Ragnaar accepted.

Ragnaar’s time with his team was not very long, but long enough to form a cohesive unit. Curiously, there was an Antican female in his squad, Fraekka, that he grew quite fond of. They were both skilled in their own ways, but they complimented each other perfectly; together they were a devastating match. This time working together eventually budded into love, something that Ragnaar had not felt before, but welcomed with open arms. She was the first to learn and address him by his true name Varg since his father had died. He came to call her ‘Graea’.

With dreams in his mind of leaving the military with his love, creating a new life, and possibly starting a family, Ragnaar was not prepared for what was to be his last mission. Graea was hit in the chest with a Selay weapon, dying with only enough time left for Ragnaar to say his last goodbye.

The mission was a disaster. What was supposed to be simple reconnaissance turned into a massacre. Ragnaar decimated the Selay forces that they were supposed to be observing, stalking and then brutally mutilating the entire base one by one. He took the fangs of the Selay that had killed his precious Graea and fashioned a necklace of them, so that he would always remember that kill. His hatred of the Selay would always burn within him.

After deserting the Antican military (and having most records of his service wiped from their databases) he left his home system and travelled the stars. Ragaar wanted to find a place where he would not be known, a place where he could begin anew – after all, what is more deadly than a highly skilled assailant that no one would ever recognize?

Travelling far from his home by many different means, he eventually found himself on the Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Miranda chasing a lead he had on a Ferengi Merchant who had duped his associates out of a large sum of money. There was word that he came to this area hoping to strike a deal with the mining companies or possibly corrupt Federation/Klingon government officials. Likely his intent was to repeat the same deception and jump again to another sector. Ragnaar was told he would be paid a large sum of money to bring back the Ferengi, Oglo Meeg, dead or alive.

Spending some time aboard the Miranda, he had not yet found his mark, but had promising leads that he was still present and nearby. Ragnaar soon found himself in the mess hall of the Miranda on what seemed to be another ordinary day talking to a Klingon who claimed to have seen Meeg when the faint sound of footsteps echoed in his ears…


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