Orion Scientist with specialization in Medicine.


Among his own kind, Jahus felt like an outsider.

Growing up, almost everyone he knew dreamed of working their way into the Syndicate. To them, it meant Wealth, Respect and most importantly, Power. Jahus never understood the appeal. Oftentimes he had to wait for his father to finish work in the ship berthing yard, and while he waited he watched and listened. While he sat there, Jahus learned. He saw rich merchants ruined by lost shipments of guns, longtime big shots taken down by those thought loyal, and once saw a violent gangster slain by a starving youth looking to avenge his parents.

Whereas most saw nothing more than life as usual on Orion, Jahus saw differently. He saw the false promise that was the Syndicate; wealth was temporary, here and then gone. Respect was an illusion, a facade used to bide time until the one in charge was weak enough to be removed. And Power? It was fear that was keeping others in line, and while there was certainly some power in fear it stood defenseless in the face of courage, rage, or desperation.

There seemed to be no alternative however…. until the Vulcans arrived. Aliens of any kind were a rarity – most that came to Orion were slaves, or in some cases, food. Curious about these newcomers, Jahus followed them for some time, eventually striking up a conversation with one and learning of their journey.

The Vulcans were serving as crewmates to a small band of Orions who had stopped here to briefly collect whatever supplies they could before they set out far from Syndicate space. Theirs was the desires to live their own lives as free traders, not having to compete against the Syndicate for everything. Realizing this was his one chance to live a life as he wanted, Jahus begged the crew to let him come with them. After much deliberation, the crew agreed to take him on, with one condition: he must earn his keep.

Leaving Orion behind with nary a word to his family and friends, Jahus dove into learning everything he could about the ship and how to keep it running smoothly. While he never excelled at anything, he could handle himself decently well and soon was considered a regular member of the crew. His true passion however, was Science. Taking lessons from one of the Vulcans during his spare time, he soon found what he considered his calling: Medicine.

While there was only so much he could learn from the young Vulcan, serving aboard an old freighter with limited databanks he soon found himself serving as the ship’s Doctor. This all despite his lack of formal training or certification. Jahus came to realize the power he had, that of holding a patient’s life in his hands. It stood in stark contrast to the false power of the Syndicate, and he reveled in it… a little too much in fact. It didn’t take long to let his knowledge inflate his ego too far for his own good. However, he was happy. Life seemed to be going his way.

Life, however, is a fickle thing. Jahus’s past caught up with him as his ship was attacked by Syndicate Interceptors. Jahus was forced to watch as his friends were cut down by ruthless enforcers. Fleeing, he took one look back, the face of the raid leader burning into his memory. Barely making it into an escape pod, he once again found himself alone.

Jahus drifted along for some time until being picked up by, of all things, a Ferengi ship on its way to what they called “business of great importance.” After demonstrating his knowledge and skills, the Ferengi decided to use him as a sort of “seal of approval” for their negotiations. With little choice in the matter, he resigned himself to serving as a glorified trophy for a second rate swindler. He hoped that at least he could find something interesting to do on the ship they were bound for – an aging Federation vessel called the Miranda…


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